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New user to Asana. My company has project templates set up but we need to manually add assignees to each task. Is there a way to assign the task to the “engineering team” in the template and then just choose the team member from that team that will be handling the engineering tasks for the project? This will then populate that team member in all of the tasks in my project slated for engineering. Then have a PM team Pool to choose from ECT,ECT.
Engineer= Jim Smith
PM= Tony Romo
Site Super= Bob Mckenzie


Welcome, @Matthew_walter,

This specific feature doesn’t exist, so the next best thing is to designate these tasks in the template in such a manner that once you generate the project from the template, you can easily multi-select each batch and change all Eng tasks at once, all Marketing tasks at once, etc.

You could accomplish that with a single-select custom field like Assignee Team.

Another approach is to create an email alias for each team for this purpose, which most every mail tool allows, then create an Asana login with that email alias. You could do this with to avoid seat charges in Asana. Use these for assignees in the template, the filter on each alias, multi-select and assign the actual person after project creation. This means you don’t need the custom field.

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Thank you . I think the Multi select Is my best option.


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