Attach image in Conversations

Can’t add images to Conversation comments.

Attach from the computer doesn’t work, and when attaching say from google drive, attaches as non-previewable file.

Hi @RazmikBadalyan! Sounds like you’re having two distinct problems:

  1. Not being able to attach a file from your computer:
  • Are you getting any error message?
  • What type of file are you trying to upload? Have you tried other?
  • I would also recommend trying from another browser or an incognito window, just in case the issue is directly related to your browser.
  1. Can’t preview file:
    Currently, only certain type of files will return a preview, typically png and jpeg will display a preview but pdf won’t.

Hope this helps but let me know if you have any follow-up questions! :slight_smile:

Hi Marie,

It’s strange. it does upload images today and preview works :man_shrugging:

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Great news @RazmikBadalyan, sounds like it might just have been a small browser issue!

Thanks for keeping me posted, have a great day! :slight_smile:

Related, but how do you add a comment TO an attached image, OR add an image TO a comment? You can certainly add an attachment to a task, but it is devoid of any means to add a description or comment text. The only work around I’ve developed is to write a comment and direct readers to view the image being discussed in the next “non-comment” below, post the comment, then immediately add an attachment that shows up as the next comment/non-comment item below the just posted comment. So very strange that there isn’t an “add attachment” icon in the text editing tools at the bottom of the comment editing window to make this process a unified whole.