How to ask for comments on an attachment

I need to sent out a multipage pdf to a group of people and get their comments. These people will only have access to the materials for this request. They are limited group members rather than guests because I have the free version.

I think I need to make a project with one text - Review and comment - and attach my pdf to that task. Is that right? Also I see that the attachment is there, but when I open it it’s in a new window. Is it possible to see an attachment and comment as you go?

Brand new and on a deadline. Any help is greatly appreciated!

@Lynne_Sciulli I assume you know that limited guest will take up your seats. With that out of the way, Yes you can make comments on the task while the document is open. There are of course numerous other ways to collaborate on a document including dropbox, box, google drive, onedrive etc. all that offer some free versions and then are linked to save edits and comments. I think you are on the right path.