How can I prevent email attachments from becoming separate comments in Conversations?

Hi, we like the Conversations area for our projects, but we have an issue. When people are notified about a new post to Conversations, and they reply via email, Conversations creates a new comment for every image attached to their email (e.g. a new comment for every single social media logo in their footer, or their company logo in their signature line). The problem compounds itself in that everyone then gets notification emails for each of these unimportant posts about incidental images.

How can we make it so that when people reply via email (rather than in Conversations) we only see the body of their email and REAL attachments - not their incidental image attachments?

Hi @Mark_Wiles,

At the moment, there is no other way to prevent this from happening than removing the signature before sending the email to respond to the conversation. This is a popular request in the forum so if you haven’t yet, I’d recommend upvoting Email signature image files!