Assigning multiple people to project roles

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I really think Asana needs to have the ability to let multiply people be within a project role so that when its assigned at template stage, tasks get sent to all the people rather than having to just select one.

It can have a “co-lead” feature so to speak so we can still assign task to a lead but having a project role called “Researchers” for example and that includes 3 people who get the tasks would be just what we need!

Hi @Krishna_Juggapah , could you not have multiple ‘Researcher’ project roles, eg. called ‘Researcher 1’, ‘Researcher 2’ and ‘Researcher 3’ (or something more relative to your workflow) so that these can be assigned to one, two or three different people during the project creation stage from a project template?

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As mentioned @Richard_Sather - this is the way :slight_smile:

You can always assign just one person per/to task and sending the task to more people is super counterproductive and cause just a mess in your Inbox. But please note that Project Roles can be assigned within the subtask, so you can make a leader role and then a researcher etc.
If you need to add to the task more people (researchers) the best way is probably to use rules (add collaborators) and you can make it within the template, so it will works always when you use the template.

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@Richard_Sather - i see what you mean but its more that the tasks involves multiple people or may not - the tasks are the dynamic thing (and then the people after that) so i did think of doing that but wouldn’t work in terms of trying to automate the template (which is my ultimate goal.)

and @Jan_Rajd - i kinda see what you mean but again its not a set rule for each project but we know the set roles of team members within the business (researcher, junior researchers, Operations) but they won’t always work on the same projects or tasks on each project.

But maybe you’ve got a creative solution for what i’m suggesting - should i try and clarify a bit more?