Assignee not uploading with CSV

I followed formatting suggestions, but when I upload my project timeline in a CSV file, Asana does not show anything in the Assignee column. (The collaborators don’t upload either, but they are less important and may work themselves out if I can get Assignees to upload.)

Steps to reproduce: Created an Excel and saved as a CSV-UTF8, comma delimited, with these columns, L - R: Name, Description, Assignee, Collaborator, Due Date, Section (I am using free version, so no “start” date or other categories.)

Browser version: Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Robin_Horner and thanks for reaching out! Could you please share a screenshot of the Preview you’re getting before the task actually update to your project?

Also can you confirm what format you’ve used for your Assignee and Collaborators? The fact you’re having issues with both leads me to think there is an issue with your CSV!

Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks for your reply, Marie. I created a new project (named GSRJ Test 2) so I could get the preview, which I’m pasting below. I’m also attaching the CSV file, in case that’s helpful. I had initials in the assignee and collaborators columns first, since I don’t
want anyone else to be bothered by notifications of tasks while I’m still setting this up. Then, when there were problems, I deleted most of the initials and just entered my email, thinking that might be the problem, but there was no difference. This morning,
I went to the CSV and cleaned out absolutely everything except for my email, and that does actually seem to have worked.

So, if I’m correct, and having initials as placeholders makes the function not work, I’d like to suggest that something about this be included in the instructions for how to upload a CSV. Even better might be a way to upload the project with names and not emails,
or to upload it with all emails but not have it trigger notices to all those people till the person developing the project is ready to do so. I noticed other threads where people talked about not wanting their whole team to be getting notifications when they
were just setting up the project and getting it ready to share, so I think I’m not the only person who would actually like it if there were a feature where you could say when you want it to go live.

(Attachment GS_RJ_Evaluation Timeline 2.csv is missing)


This email may not have gone through, Marie. I had attached my CSV, not realizing that would be a problem. While I seem to cracked the problem, I’m interested in your thoughts in response to my suggestions about it.

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Sorry for the delay in responding to you @Robin_Horner! You’re correct, in order for the assignee to import in Asana, you must use their email address in the CSV (initials or names won’t work, and I’m afraid it would technically be difficult to use these as we would quickly run into issues with homonyms or people with different names but same initials)! But feel free to create a #productfeedback thread to share your feedback and get the community to support your request!

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Thanks, Marie. I just posted my suggestion.

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