CSV import preview shows assignees in the correct 'Assignee' row, but when the task is imported, no assignee is there.

I created the CSV to import tasks via Asana’s page here: https://help.asana.com/hc/en-us/articles/14244171470491-CSV-importer . I see that nothing imports from Assignee, Due Date, etc. Only the task name.

What is weird is the previewer, right after I drag my CSV in the importer, it shows clearly that each task is assigned to the right person from the CSV, but as the tasks show up in the project, all of them are blank. No due dates, assignee or whatever. It is difficult because I have ~240 tasks I am importing to the project. I have even tried to make changes in the importer, use emails instead of names, and nothing is showing up. Literally only the task name is created and all fields are blank.

Has anyone figured this out? It’s a head scratcher as the previewer shows everything working beautifully, but when it does its thing its a huge disappointment.