Importing a list of task from csv to Asana

Hi - I have just started a new role and have gathered a long long list of tasks that I’m trying to manage. I decide to import them as a list of tasks to a new project (not ideal but the only way I could see to manage deadlines etc) but the CSV it didn’t import the assignee and all the due dates changed. This kind of defeats the object of having the tasks imported because without assignee there can’t be notifications and with all the dates changing, the notifications wouldn’t be sent on time anyway. Any thoughts gratefully received.

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Welcome, @Zoe_Dunn,

Be sure to select Make changes (not Go to project) on the import preview page.

You’ll need to map your columns to the desired fields in Asana, and make sure your dates are in the right format. Everything can be imported in this case.

See more info here:




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