Assignee and Collaborator Mapping to Custom Field Drop-downs

In terms of Rules (Automations) and Forms, I could see value in having the ability to associate criteria from drop-down type Custom Fields to specific users. You would need a new section within the Custom Field editor to associate each drop-down to an existing user in Asana. This would have to be optional but I could see where it could be valuable beyond just Custom Fields that represent people.

The gain would be to make sure individuals are added (or potentially even removed via Rules) as an Assignee or Collaborator when a Custom Field is met.

Through Rules there are ways to accomplish this today, but you have to set the Rules manually for each user which eats into the project limit. The real value I see is being able to ensure all the right context is applied through a Form entry.

@Phil_Seeman if this is something that falls outside of scope, I could see it as a great Flowsana add. While I want to use options like “add submitter as collaborator” I run into the issue of having multiple domains without our company. If users don’t list the right email then things aren’t assigned properly, it at all. This could solve for that, among other things. :blush:

Hi @Jerod_Hillard,

Interesting idea. Just to make sure I’m tracking, you’re saying in this scenario there would be a drop-down custom field with, let’s say, 10 options, and each of those options would be associated with a particular Asana user?

If that’s correct, then how would you then take advantage of that associated user mapping?

Maybe you can post some specific use cases where you’re thinking this would be valuable, to help illustrate?

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Yep, that is correct!

Project: Offer Pipeline
Brief Description: Form submissions on particular opportunities with new offers for existing clientele that need to be qualified.
Mapping Benefits: Any user can submit the form. Based on the offer type we could add a “Offer Champion” as a collaborator. Based on the suggested proposal timeline (2-weeks, 4-weeks, etc) we could assign the entry to different individuals within the team that manage these entries. Based on the Region selection we could add the territory manager as a collaborator (this might also determine which member of the team is assigned the task).

The whole idea is based on the concept of Custom Field criteria helping apply known decisions on who needs to be informed or responsible for work. Decisions otherwise made through manual change or a handful of rules customized to specific individuals which leads to issues with limitations (20 rules per project)

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Thanks for creating this #productfeedback so other community folks can support this great idea @Jerod_Hillard. On my end, I’ll go ahead and share it with our team, hoping this is something they’ll consider in the future :crossed_fingers:t3: