Forms: Ability to Map Fields on Form Submissions to Columns in Project

Our team is using a Form to get new Product ideas from our organization to streamline and organize how we prioritize new products. It would be super helpful to have the fields we ask on the form to automatically map to columns in our Project (we use List view).

I can see this happening in two ways - fully automated and an option you can click on the Form creator page or the ability to create Rules that would pull keywords from the description of the task that gets created from a Form Submission as a trigger and then the action would be to place them in the correlating column.

Right now, it seems we would have to have one person go through each submission, read the description and then put the correct information into each column. It is a lot of manual work that will slow us down. This would save our team so much time! We are a thin team, the more automation and organized we can start out with, the better!

Hi @Stephanie_Rincon and welcome to the forum!

Granted, Asana doesn’t contain a way to parse keywords from a description field. But it does let you map questions (fields) on a form to task custom fields (columns), so you should be able to achieve that. If it seems you can’t, then perhaps you can provide some more detail as to the specifics of what you’re trying to accomplish, maybe we can help.

Thanks Phil. Are you able to tell me or send me instructions for how I would map questions (fields) on a form to task custom fields (columns)? I didn’t see a way to do this when
looking earlier.

The custom fields you have defined for that project should show on the right-hand side of the screen when you’re creating the form. If you click on a custom field that you want on your form, it becomes a question on the form (which you can then customize). Answers to that question will be stored in that custom field.

Let me know if the above doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t answer what you were looking for.

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