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Hey all,
Quick question re the Use of Asana for Internal Requests at our organization:
We are using Asana (only Asana, not Zendesk…) and created an Asana Form that should be filled by our employees for them to request Administrative stuff for example.
Once the form is filled, it opens a task in a project called “Administrative Requests” and is assigned to someone by default. The details of the form are added in the description of the task.

  1. Is there a way to automatically include the person who submits the form as a collaborator in the task (for him/her to get notifications related to his/her request or task)?
    In our forms, we ask for the email address of the person who is sending the request. But this email is only indicated in the description… Each time, we have to manually copy-paste that email of the requester to as a Collaborator…

  2. We have a created a custom field (Dropdown menu) in our tasks called “Requester Evaluation”. Once the task/request is addressed, we would like the requester to be fill the “Requester Evaluation”. However, as a Collaborator (even if he/she “CAN EDIT”), he/she cannot choose a “Requester Evaluation”.
    Any solution to that?

Thanks so much!!!

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Hey @OmarZid,

regarding your first question I recommend having a look at the Flowsana, see this post from @Phil_Seeman : Automatically Adding Task Collaborators via Asana Forms - #15 by Phil_Seeman

I also recommend to update here: Automatically Adding Task Collaborators via Asana Forms :slight_smile:

Regarding question 2 please have a look here: Custom field visibility to guests


Thanks so much @Andrea_Mayer !

  1. Flowsana looks fantastic and does exactly what I was looking for with regard to my Question 1.

  2. Re Question 2 however, the collaborators do see the fields. I was actually asking about the possibility of making them edit these fields.
    My goal is to have the requester of the form (who was added as collaborator) Submit a Feedback or Approval (by editing a custom field called “Requestor’s Approval”)
    Please let me know what you think.

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Oh okay so like a custom note to be added.
If the requester is a guest user then they will only be able to input or edit the values of existing Custom Fields.
So you could for example add a custom field to the project that has options via dropdown menu.

For example:
Feedback on how the request was handled:
Very Well
not resolved

or similar

Or custom field with text entry

More info here under permissions: Custom Fields • Asana

Thank you @Andrea_Mayer!
For my question 2, I am sending you attached screenshots (PDF) showing that collaborators (such as myself in a Form/task) do have the Permission “To Edit”; But that custom fields in the task are not available for editing (highlighted in red).
Some “standard” fields Can actually be edited by the collaborator (highlighted in Green; such as Assignee or Due Date).
Does that mean that collaborators who “Can Edit” can actually Only edit standard fields but Not custom ones.
FYI, This is a task that was generated by a Form.

Collaborators.pdf (27.2 KB)

Hi @OmarZid,

You say the illustrated task was generated by a form but something is very fishy with that task, because if you look at my purple highlight:

you’ll see that this task is not in the project (or any project)! I think there is a piece of the story that we’re missing here…?

Thanks @Phil_Seeman!
I have attached another example where you can how the task (generated by a submitted form) shows from either:
-a project member’s screen (who is also the default assignee of the form, named “Gasser Salah”)
-the form submitter’s screen (who is just a collaborator of the task)

You can see that there are some differences between the 2 displays of that some task: For example, the project member seems to be able to see more fields than the collaborator (although both “Can Edit”). Is that normal?

Attachment Here
Collaborator.pdf (42.1 KB)

Hi @OmarZid,

There are two types of custom fields: organization-wide fields that live in your Custom Fields Library, and project-specific fields.

I think the reason you’re seeing what you’re seeing is that the custom fields you’re referring to which are not editable are project-specific custom fields. As makes sense, only project members can edit those.

If you add those custom fields to your organization Custom Fields Library, I think that will allow the form submitter/collaborator to edit them. Give that a try.

Thank you @Phil_Seeman! However, I just checked and it looks like the custom fields I am referring to (not editable Nor visible to the task’s collaborator, highlighted in black attached) are actually organization-wide fields in the Custom Fields Library.
Also, quite surprisingly, these custom fields are Not Even Visible to the task’s collaborator (as you could see from the PDF attached in my previous message)
Please let me know what you think and please could you define what exactly are “organization-wide fields that live in he custom fields library”?

Hi @Phil_Seeman, Quick correction regarding my previous message:
The custom fields (from the library) ARE VISIBLE to Collaborators. However, they CANNOT BE EDITED.
I made sure that these fields are organization-wide and that they were in the library, but still they are editable by collaborators


Then I’m stumped. @Andrea_Mayer, @Bastien_Siebman, @lpb - any ideas why those custom fields would not be editable to a user who is a collaborator on the task but not a project member? (Omar says the fields are global organization custom fields.) I feel like I’m missing something.

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Hey @Phil_Seeman ok so I have been testing this now as well and I run into the same situation that @OmarZid stated.

The guest user does not see the custom field when he is added to the task only.
But the guest user can see and edit the custom field when added to the project as well.
I did test this with a few colleagues as well in different organizations and the same happens.

The fun thing though is I tested the same with a premium user and the exact same thing happens.
They cannot see the custom field unless they are added to the project also and not only the task.

Seems to be the new normal now.

Premium User added to the project - custom field visible
Premium User Task assigned only - custom field not visible

I am kinda lost as well, sorry :man_shrugging:

Yeah, we’re definitely missing some relevant info about the overall context here, I’m sure about that. I’m just not even sure what to ask next in order to tease out what that missing data is.

@Andrea_Mayer can you explain what you mean? It’s not possible to add custom fields to a specific task. They can only be added at one of two levels: a project (project-specific fields) or the workspace/org (Org Library fields).

@Phil_Seeman, I didn’t try to replicate @Andrea_Mayer’s work but it made sense to me–she was claiming, I believe, that Asana behaves differently if a Guest is only a Collaborator (she wrote "added which confused you, I think) of a task with custom fields (won’t see them) vs a Member of the project defining the custom fields (would see them).


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Ah, of course, GUESTS - duh. Like I said, I knew there had to be something missing in the initial info here.

@OmarZid, the form collaborators you refer to, are they guest users? (I.e. have a different email domain than your organization domain) (They must be!)

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Hey @lpb sorry by “when added to the task only” I meant when the user is added to the task only.

Though also when I tried it with a premium user (same domain as the organization) the same thing happens. Meaning if they are only added to the task they don’t see the custom field. If they are added to the project they see it. And that although this specific custom field is added to the organization library.

Ahh, OK, that clears up the confusion there!

Yes, I can get that same behavior in certain circumstances.

TBH, in my testing just now I get differing behavior on custom field editability depending on how things are set up. I don’t have time to test further at this point so I’m going to have to throw up my hands and give up - sorry @OmarZid!

It looks to me that whether or not a task collaborator can edit a custom field is dependent on a number of factors, possibly including but not limited to things like:

  • The collaborator’s project membership status (and perhaps their team membership status)
  • Access setting of the project (public, member-only, etc)
  • Project-only vs global (org library) custom field

And there’s probably more factors I’m forgetting to list here.

@Forum-team I don’t know if you have any comments here that might clarify the question of when it is that a task collaborator (who’s not a member of a task’s project) can and can’t edit a custom field on that task…

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