Asana + Zoom integration - not natively visible inside zoom

Hi Mark,

We’re looking to use Asana to run our meetings and agenda in the zoom app. Zoom and asana have an integration to do this but I’m struggling to get it viewable inside the zoom meeting as it is in all their examples.

This is the example of how it should look

Below is the only version I can get to work.
As a new window ontop of the zoom meeting (only viewable by me) as opposed to natively inside the zoom meeting and viewable by all attendees.

I’ve linked the apps, attached zoom to the relevant project. I’ve then tried both attaching the zoom meeting code into the task in asana and also creating the zoom meeting link form asana and both are only giving me the above option. See below for linked in asana.

Any suggestions?


Zoom is the worst.

How is meets not in the mix?

Parent company policy is all meetings on zoom.

The picture attached shows that your Zoom window is separate and needs to be merged with the meeting window. To combine the two views, click the “…” in the upper right-hand corner and select “Merge to Meeting Window.” From that point, you can select the icon at the top right-hand corner to share the view of the agenda with others in the meeting. The other option is to have meeting attendees open the Asana App for Zoom from their Zoom apps. With this second option, you do not need to share your Zoom window.

Hi Monica,

Thanks for the info, I’ve just tried to do that and inside the “…” I don’t have a “Merge to Meeting Window.”. See screenshot here. Any ideas?