Zoom and Asana "Chat Bot"?

Hello all. I am wondering if I am missing something with the Zoom and Asana integration. I followed the instructions on set up, but I can’t get the Asana app in my Zoom chat. The only way I can pull it up is by pulling up a separate box with my Zoom apps and use the Asana “chat bot”. I am the only person who can see the chat box and I still have to create the task in Asana instead of “right in the Zoom meeting” as stated in their Zoom & Asana integration page. Mine looks nothing like the example picture they show on the website. I have to have Asana open, the Zoom meeting and the separate chat box. Then I also have to give the chat bot certain commands before it will add tasks, which again I have to do through Asana anyway, then it pops up in the chat where I can assign the task. Is this how it works or am I missing a step somewhere?

Thanks for any insight!

Hi @Angie_Morency, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! The Zoom integration must be installed in Asana and Zoom. Please make sure it has been installed in Zoom following these steps: Zoom integration • Asana

Once installed you will be able to see linked tasks in meeting as agenda. You should see the meeting tasks as shown in this image:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you are not seeing the same in your Zoom account.

Hi Emily,

Thank you for the response and the welcome! I set up the integration in both systems and it says installed in both systems, but when I pull up my Zoom account, I don’t have an option to open apps in the meeting. I tried updating my Zoom and it still isn’t giving me the option for apps.

I am thinking this might be a Zoom problem, so I have contacted their support desk. Hopefully I can get this fixed because this is a really cool and helpful feature.

Thank you!