Asana + Zoom integration questions

Hi! I’m evaluating the Zoom integration. It looks promising, but I’m unclear on the details of the workflow. To clarify:

  • On the Asana side, does the Zoom “app” need to be added (and activated) to each individual Asana Project in which it will be used? That is, Zoom integration is at the project level, and I can’t just add Zoom to, say, my entire org or workspace at once, right?

  • Once added/activated, Zoom meetings are always at the task level. Could I have a project-level Zoom meeting? (For me, a project-level meeting would often be more conceptually intuitive.)

  • Once you “create” or attach a Zoom meeting to an Asana task, who gets invited (is it all “collaborators” on that task?), how do you schedule it, and how do you get it on to their calendars? Do you have to schedule a meeting normally (through your regular calendar app) then paste in the link to the Asana task or Zoom meeting?

Thanks much!

Hi @Scott_Murray1 Personally I really like the Zoom integration as it allows me to work on tasks directly within the Zoom app.


Task level. Not project level. You should submit that as feedback

Tasks are statused by Zoom so collaborators should be notified. You can schedule either directly within the task or add an already scheduled meeting to a task.

Create New or Add existing

Meeting Scheduled as it appears in the task

Scheduling the meeting from within the task

task notification


@Getz_Pro thank you so much! That is very helpful. So… for collaborators to be notified, they should be set as collaborators on the task or project BEFORE I create the meeting.

I’ll test this with my team. I would still like Asana/Zoom to generate a calendar invite (.ics file) that goes to email. Otherwise I think these event invites could get lost in our many Asana notifications. :slight_smile:

I’ll post over on Product Feedback, too. Thanks!

The Zoom integration is giving me errors; the Asana panel will load in Zoom and appear to work, but any edits I make there won’t sync back to Asana — and then I get an error in the panel, so any work is lost. Hmm, this needs some work.

Correct. You may want to do a task template to start with.

I probably won’t be able to help, but if you want to include some screenshots

Thanks! I retested and am no longer getting the weird error. Maybe since I’d only just activated it, it wasn’t working.

One note: When I test NOT first “creating” the meeting in Asana, but just starting directly in Zoom, going to apps, then choosing Asana, then “start meeting”, I notice that any “meeting tasks” created there are private tasks (visible to me only) and not added to an Asana project.

I have never started an app from that perspective so I cannot speak to it. I have only created tasks from an Asana Task or the Zoom desktop app itself.