asana wants to be reloaded on my account (browser / desktop)

Dear asana Team,

since last week I cant access my asana-Account nor the admin console. asana tells me to reload, but the reload leads to the same error message. I tried troubleshooting (clearing browser cache and everything, browser update, incognito mode, different browsers (Chrome, Safari), even a desktop-app), but nothing changed. I work with MacBook Pro / BigSur 11.2. Access via App on iPhone works without errros. All our other team-members can access asana proplerly. The issue seems to be only on my account.

Maybe you can help? Thanks a lot and best,



Hi @Dr_Rainer_Demski, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

In this case, I would suggest reaching out to our Support team with the unique error code received as mentioned in the pop-up :slight_smile:

You can reach out to the Support team by clicking the support form prompt in the pop-up or by following the steps below:

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