ASANA TEAM - Please sort out your plans and seating options.

I use your software in the company I work for and love it. Amazing software for projection management and just generally organising all of my tasking.

I want to use Asana for my new personal company that I’m starting. There is only one of me and you only offer a minimum of 2 seats, kinda of a wtf situation tbh.

What about soloprenueurs which is the entire creator economy. As a business you are completely leaving that money on the table, all of your competition off free and single seat options and I’ve spoken to many of my friends and they all agree this is ridiculous.

The excuse you emailed me is ridiculous, especially when you offer a free 30 day ‘one seat’ trial. You essentially trick people into investing time into setting things up and then hit them with a double charge for the 2 seats if they want to continue using Asana.

Surely you understand that a new company grows and thats when people would upgrade to add more users and upgrade your seat.

Hope someone listens to this.

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