ASANA Rules with Approval

Ok I believe this can happen but I can’t seem to make it happen. I have an expense form that comes in. One staff member approves it. I have that set up to auto add the approver. Once its approved I want to auto assign the task or add a task to the expense report to be paid. Is this possible? What am I missing? The rules will only add a sub task for approval and the approval trigger will only attach it to the main task. Please help! This will make our process easier but its driving me crazy that I can’t get it to work!

Hi @Brooke_Kingsley_Isbe

Yes you are right this is possible :slight_smile:

You have different ways to approach this, my approach would be to create a payment subtask and add this subtask automatically to the relevant project and section. In my example I am using the same project. See below.

1. Create a rule to add the subtask when the approval is completed

2. Specify to which project and section the subtask should be added

3. Workflow in action. Once the task gets approved, the subtask shows up under the same project in the correct section, assigned to the right person and with a due date.

2022-09-29 Screenshot 000301

I prefer using a subtask because like this I keep only one task with a clear action’s history (the subtasks). Other approaches are possible but this should give you the required basics.


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