Asana Release Notes February 2024

Hello everyone,

Please find below our latest release notes. Let us know if the comments if you have any questions or feedback!

  • Capacity plans: Create capacity plans to allocated people across projects and get a high-level of how they are staffed across workstreams in Reporting.

  • Jira Cloud comment syncing: Comment on tasks or issues in a linked project, and have that comment automatically reflected in the other tool.

  • Gmail sync: Enable the Gmail sync future replies to a newly created task using Gmail add-on which will automatically sync future email replies to the Asana task as a comment.

  • Custom new user onboarding: Admins can tailor the onboarding process for new users from the admin console.

  • Portfolio project limit: Portfolio project limits have increased from 500 to 1500.

  • Asana for Tableau integration: Quickly extract project-level data from Asana into Tableau and build project-level reports.

  • Your Year in Review: Access a recap of 2023 usage stats from Home in Asana.

  • Multiple accounts switcher on web and desktop: Navigate between multiple Asana accounts without logging in and out each time.

  • Add collaborators in Microsoft Teams: Automatically add collaborators to Asana tasks shared in a Microsoft Teams chat.

  • Multi-filter in Gantt view: Apply multiple filters to Gantt view.

  • New rule builder in bundles, templates, and workflow: Create rules with conditions and branching in Bundles, Templates, and Workflow

  • Suggested conditions in rules: When selecting a trigger in the rule builder, use the “tip” box to add a suggested condition.

  • “Field is changed” trigger for date custom fields and start date: Automatically route work to the right people and projects, based on the start date and/or date in the custom field.


When you write these release notes, please could you identify which plans the features are applicable as part of the post? Otherwise I have to click on each one to find out whether it’s supported on my plan type or not.


Hey Emily! Excited about the new “Field is changed” trigger for date fields. Can it trigger actions exactly on a task’s start date, like auto-assigning tasks or moving them to a specific project? Keen to understand its application for tasks kicking off on their start date.

Thanks for the insight!

Hi Emily,

Thank you for the update.

What changed exactly about " Asana for Tableau integration" ?
The web data connector already existed and the article does not seem to have changed in a while. Can you provide mor details about the release concerning Tableau ?

I noticed that with the Jira comment sync, comments from Jira to Asana will sync but not the other way around. Is there something we’re missing or is that feature not in place?

Thanks for your feedback, @Matthew_Hall! We will keep it in mind for future release notes!

@Mate with this update, you can create a rule that trigger a specific action when the Start date is changed or removed only. It’s currently not possible to trigger an action when the task approach it’s start date, only when the due date it’s approaching.

@Cyril_Diers with this update, you can extract project-level data from Asana into Tableau and build project-level reporting without waiting for hours for the extraction to finish. We have updated the Using the Asana Web Data Connector section and it should have more details about this!

@Mackenzie_Mollo it should work both ways! If it is still not working for you, I recommend you reaching out to our support team and share a quick screencast showing the issue: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope this helps!

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Smaller teams on the Advanced tier also need to manage capacity :pleading_face:


Finally! So excited for this.

Hello Emily.
Unfortunately, the new features are only focused on the Enterprise Plan, which makes it difficult to expand the Platform within the organization.
The Capacity Plan, for example, is an extremely important feature for Team Planning.