Asana Release Notes December 2019

Happy new year everyone :confetti_ball: Here are our latest Release Notes of 2019 (and of the decade!!)

  • Native Salesforce integration : This integration allows teams working in Salesforce to collaborate seamlessly with teams working in Asana. Learn more here.
  • Tableau integration : With this integration, you can sync Asana task data to Tableau and build powerful reports on your team’s work. Learn more here.
  • Auto-shifting dependency dates : If you change the due date of a parent task that results in a conflict with dependent tasks, the due date of the dependent task(s) will now automatically update. Learn more here.
  • Portfolio search and privacy : Portfolios will now appear in search bar results, and you can use Advanced Search to search for information within a portfolio. You can also @mention a portfolio in a task description or comment. As a portfolio owner, you can now make your portfolio public or private. Learn all about portfolios here.
  • Request access : When landing on a project, task, conversation, or portfolio you don’t have access to, you’ll now be able to “request access,” which creates a private task for the owner.
  • Help Your Team Adopt Asana webinar : Drawing on proven change management techniques, this webinar will help you effectively roll out Asana to your team, ensuring long-term success and adoption. Register for an upcoming session here.

For previous Release Notes, check out: Asana Release Notes | Product Guide • Asana and of course feel free to post any question you might have in the comments below!


@Marie, thanks for the update. Three questions about the auto-shifting dependencies:

  1. Is there a plan to make this also work for sub-tasks, not just tasks? We often use dependencies between subtasks and of course as they relate to the parent task, so this would be very useful here.
  2. Is there a plan to make this also work for tasks between projects? We have a lot of interdependencies between projects and it’s a shame it doesn’t work between projects.
  3. Is there a plan to make this work in reverse, e.g. if you shift the date earlier, all the dependent or child tasks would move earlier by the same amount of business days? This is useful, even if it’s just in case someone accidentally changes the due date for a parent task, and results in dozens of tasks shifting dates later, making it really hard to change back.

Otherwise I feel the feature is quite limited right now and I can’t see us using it frequently.


And fourth question, whether there is a plan to make this shift dates if the parent task hasn’t exceeded the due date of the dependent task. For example, the parent task is set to be due one week before the dependent task. I want it so that by setting the parent task 2 days later, it moves the dependent task’s due date forward by 2 days.

I suppose in this instance, it would be worth popping up with a modal to check if this is actually what the user wants to happen.

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Hi @Ming_Kang_Chen :wave:

  1. We’re working on improving the subtask/project relationship, once this work is complete, auto-shifting dependencies will autoimatically support subtasks better!
    1. I don’t believe this is in our near term plans, but certainly something we’ll look at in the future. i would recommend creating new #productfeedback threads for 2. and 3. so othe community members can support this request too!

You might also checkout Flowasana developed by @Phil_Seeman which offers additional automation support!

Hope this helps!

Hi @Ming_Kang_Chen,

Thanks for the mention, @Marie!

Flowsana supports auto-shifting of dependent tasks across projects.

This is the way Flowsana works. Specifically, where Asana shifts dependent tasks only if they conflict with their dependency, Flowsana shifts all dependent tasks, forward or backward, by the same amount that you shift their dependency.

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Thanks for that. I’ll check it out!

@Marie Will do!

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Hi @Marie

When will you guys introduce the possibility to add hyperlinks to text in tasks description and comments? It’s just a basic feature in almost any online feature nowadays.

This feature request has been added to #productfeedback already 3 years and still no updates on it!

What is taking you guys so long?

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