Asana Release Notes August 2020

Hi folks :wave:t3:

Please find below the release notes for all features we released in July!

  • Goals : With Goals in Asana, your team now has a single source of truth for your shared objectives that’s connected to the work to achieve them. Learn all about this exciting new feature in our short video.
  • Inbox Updates : Updates to your Inbox make it easier to quickly scan notifications and identify what’s most important. [Watch this short video] ( and learn how to use your Inbox to stay up to date and move work forward, all in one place.
  • Portfolio Status : Similar to projects, you can now add status updates to Portfolios. Look for the “progress” tab and publish portfolio status updates to keep members up to date on progress.
  • Subtasks on boards : View and take action on subtasks directly from the board view. Learn more about board view.
  • E-mail confirmation for forms : Form submissions will now generate a confirmation email to the submitter with a copy of their submission (if email is an included form field). Learn more about forms.

As usual, don’t hesitate to comment below with you questions and to log your feedback in our #productfeedback category!


I would very much like subs on boards (as well as list) to have the ability to set as open on default view.


Hi @Richard_Getz2 :wave:t3:

If you haven’t yet, make sure to upvote Default layout saves open lists of sub-tasks :slight_smile:

Done, thanks Marie!!

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