Asana project download

Hi all, we are planning to create an Asana project template for download as an opt-in PDF and we were wondering if that is possible to do in Asana? If so, can anyone help with some guidance on how to do it? Thank you!

Hi @Ioana_Luca :wave:

We don’t offer export to PDF for projects, but you can export them to CSV format. To learn more about export options available, check out: Project actions: move, duplicate, delete, and more | Product guide • Asana

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@Ioana_Luca, To create a PDF from a project in your choice of output formats you can use my popular Asana2Go extension:

which is also talked about often here in the Forum.

I’m not clear on your exact need but perhaps one of the standard formats available can help, or there’s the ability to create custom ones too.

Hope that might help,