Reports from Asana in PDF


Hi, I wondered if it’s possible to download pdf reports directly from Asana.
I,m thinking of reports that show project progression, time line, task completion etc ?



Hi @trond.holthe

You can’t export directly to pdf from Asana itself, but I’d recommend the Asana2Go Chrome extension. There’s more detail here:

If you watch the demo video, you can see how to export as a pdf. I’m sure @lpb would gladly answer any questions on it.


Thanks @Mark_Hudson and hi @trond.holthe,

Actually, both Asana and Asana2Go use the browser’s Print dialog and it’s Print to PDF capability for PDF output. So in Asana, you can print to pdf for some things as explained in . But that choice isn’t present for Timeline, say, (which I believe Asana has said is coming at some point) so you’d need to capture a screenshot and then print that to pdf.

Asana2Go offers nearly 20 standard output options, and an unlimited number you can create yourself. When you write “project progression” I’m not sure what you mean precisely, but perhaps this article and video on an Asana2Go capability would help: