Downloading/exporting project tasks as PDF



I’m working with some clients outside of my organization and want to download our project in a clean format, essentially the print-able version of our project. The only option is to download as a CSV, which is too messy. Any tips on how to essentially get the print version in a PDF version?


Have a look at, I think this is what you are looking for. We generate webpage based on Asana project with a nice and clean layout. If this works for you but you need a password protected page, we can discuss it privately!


Use the print option and then select PDF as the printer.
I use chrome and this is available for me. So hopefully it works for you too.
There are no further formatting options, so what you see is what you get.


@Hanna_Nichols If you use a PC with windows you might try my free CSV to PDF converter . CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community


Here’s the very guidance I found helpful for myself. Firstly, you do export your data as CSV file - yes, messy, but there are things you can do with it further. Next, do a conversion of this very file to PDF using each crappy yet free tool you may find over the web, Zamzar is the most common one. You’ll get an average-to-low quality PDF document, which you shall fix manually with this editor or you can use Adobe Acrobat if you have a license on it, they’re quite similar, but this one is cheaper. Not the shortest cut but works well


Did you look at the new integration yesterday Asana2Go? It is a great seamless way to create PDF’s. I was a beta tester and can tell you it is great.


Free Beta: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly with Asana2Go :+1: