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Is there a way to download everything on an Asana? Projects, comments, attachments, links etc.

Hello @Kristine_Eckart,

First off welcome to the group! We have the ability to export/print projects from within Asana. The export will give you most if not all of the information from the project. The comments and attachments might be tricky. You may have to manually download those, but give the export a try and see if it grabs what you need.

From within the project you want to download

  1. Select the drop down arrow next to the project name at the top.
  2. Select Export/Print
  3. From here you can choose your desired export option
  4. If you choose Print then you can export the project to a PDF.

I hope this helps!

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Welcome, @Kristine_Eckart,

Enterprise plan Super Admins can do a domain export:

See also:

which mentions third-party services. Some do exports and backups and have posted here in the Forum.

Hope that helps,