How to Export Project to Google Docs

Hey guys,

I want to export some project templates I have to google docs.

When I saw there was an option to export (print) to Google Drive, I thought I found it (Yay!!). Just to realize a second later that it was a PDF format, aka non-editable stuff (Booo!!!).

I tried converting the PDF to a google doc, but all the formatting is lost.

Is there a way to export directly to a google doc, rather than a PDF, so we can edit our files?

Thank you guys in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi @Eric5,

Have you tried to export the project as a csv? You should be able to open the csv in Google Sheets or Google Docs according to my research.

I hope that helps,


Hi Katie, Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

I did try exporting to a CSV. But that format is not useful for us. We need to delegate projects to assistants, and that format is very untidy. It would only lead to confusion. Or we would have to train people. Here’s how a CSV project export looks:

In opposition to that, a PDF export looks really neat and clear:

BUT, is non-editable. I would imagine if they can export to a PDF they should be able to do the same to a Google Doc that people can use.

Thanks for the reply and clarification @Eric5. Seems like you would need a pdf writer rather than Google docs to do what you want in this case. Is there a reason that you aren’t using Asana to delegate the tasks?


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Thanks again for the quick response Katie.
A PDF reader would be somewhat of a solution, although not ideal. Everybody uses google dos, but not everyone uses PDF readers, and even if they do, it’s hard to edit stuff with them; usually you can just fill spaces. It’s an added complication.

The reason we need to export is two fold:

  1. We work with temporary freelancers regularly. Most of them don’t use Asana, but they all use google docs. It would be a quick way to share a project.
  2. We are starting to build our SOPs with Asana. But we want to be able to export them easily if we decide to stop using Asana, or something happens to the platform. If we’re going to create hundreds of processes, we want to have an easy way out and a practical way to backup things.