Asana plugin for Gmail no longer working

Anyone else having trouble using the Asana plugin for Gmail? It used to work but now I cannot create a task, it just keeps asking me to log in again and then sends me to an error page after i log in.

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There was an update to the plugin.

You can read about it here.

Still having this issue. Tried uninstalling the plugin from our Google workspace and re-installing it, still getting this error message when I try to sign into Asana through the plugin sidebar in Gmail:

Error: Error retrieving token: invalid_grant, The code provided has been previously deactivated., Build an app with Asana (line 606, file “Service”)

Thanks, didn’t help resolve my issue though.

Was there any resolution to this? I have been trying to install the Asana plugin to my Google email account from the Google Workspace Marketplace for the past 2 months and I get the screen below

Bad Request
Error 400