Asana Paid Team Members Vs Free Collaborators

Our organization is looking to bring on Asana for roughly 75 team members to use all the functions in Asana. But we have another 300 people within the organization that we would like to be able to submit a ticket to IT for a service desk request. With most other tools this is a free feature for people to be able to submit issues, and comment on those work item requests. With Asana though we are being told they would either need to be paid licenses, or that we could integrate with Dossier, but through Dossier you only get 1k messages for the entire month which would not work for 300+ people. Does anybody have any thoughts on this, or is Asana just not the right option for our company? Thanks.

I guess that you can use the function “Add task by email”.
If you select the email adress of your ticket project in Asana and share it with yor 300 people (create a contact in company outlook could be a good idea), they will be able to submit ticket in the project and your 75 members will be able to update the ticket. However, no follow-up will be possible for the non-members