Asana Outlook Add-In Not Working (Mac OS X)

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
A couple days ago the Outlook Add-In stopped working. I’ve tried logging out and back in and clearing the cache with no luck. I cannot search for any tasks (always shows no results). Similarly if I try creating a new task from an email it won’t display any of my projects.

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure, it just stopped working.

Browser version:
Mac OS X 10.15.1
Outlook 16.31 (19110302)

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Ben_Brenner and thanks for the report! I believe you’ve since then resolved this bug (you had accidentally switched to your Personal Space), so I’m gonna go ahead and close this bug, but please let me know if you require additional support! Have a great day!