Asana notifications in email cannot be seen, even though notification settings are correct


We share Asana with our client and creative agency. We communicate to each other in Asana and always tag the correct people in threads that concern them. We have also checked our email notification settings are set so, that we get notified when any one of us is tagged.
However, neither the client nor the creative agency get any of these notifications. It is essential everyone gets notified, since the topics are often urgent and need immediate reaction.
How can we get the notifications to work for everyone (media agency, client and creative agency). Might emai address whitelisting have something to do with the issue?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi @Karoliina_Kupari and thanks for reaching out in the Forum!

It’s quite possible that some notification email has bounced back, and if this is happening with everyone in your creative agency, you could be quite right about whitelisting email addresses. Our support team can look into this for you and check if any notification have bounced back or if the issue is linked to something else. To reach out to our support team, simply follow these steps: How do I contact support, and in order to speed up investigations, I would recommend providing the team with the info below:

  • URL of a project you work on with your clients and customer team.
  • Screenshot of the notification settings for the project picked above
  • Email address of a couple of members from these projects that have been assigned tasks or @mentionned and who should have received an email notification

And if you ever come across another issue or question, feel free to reach out in the Forum, we’ll be more than happy to help!

Hi @Karoliina_Kupari,

Can you please forward this info to our support team following these steps: How do I contact support

Due to security reasons, this data can’t be shared publicly in the Forum I’m afraid. Additionally, our support team has the ability to directly take a look into your account which we can’t do via the Forum!

Hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!