Asana not working on PC for 3 days


I’m using Asana on PC and mobile for more than a month without a problem. 3 days ago I tried to open Asana on PC and I got stuck on the loading screen. Asana typically shows Populating projects, Fetching new comments, Preparing Inbox, and then it’s stuck on the loading screen for more than 3 hours and it won’t load.

I passed the connectivity test without problem (WebSocket connection: Success (669 ms), tried multiple browsers, cleared cache and cookies on all of them, disabled antivirus, allowed TLS 1.2 but still it’s not working.

To be honest, I’m out of ideas and I can’t spend more time solving this problem and I need to use Asana as my work tool.

Thanks for any tips and help.

Hi @Jerry123 ,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you opened a support ticket with Asana yet? I would encourage you to do so as they have great visibility into the problems. It sounds like something out of user control and is more a software issue the Asana team can work on. I have provided the link below at your convenience.

Hope this helps!

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