Asana not loading in Google Chrome

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Asana tasks not loading, or freezing when trying to type. Does open in incognito windows only.
Steps to reproduce:
Open any project, some tasks will no load. If tags do load can not type. Will freeze entire project.
Browser version:
Google Chrome
Upload screenshots below:
Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 5.01.15 PM

Hi @Chisa_Uka, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! sorry for the trouble here!

Could you please follow these troubleshooting steps and let me know if the issue persists?

  • Clear your browser’s history/cache/cookies
  • Update your browser to the latest version
  • If you’re using Chrome, try using an Incognito window
  • Test for the issue in another one of our supported browsers to see if the issue is isolated to only one browser or across multiple browsers
  • Check your ability to establish a WebSocket

You can find more information and how to follow these steps on different browsers in this article.

Looking forward to your reply!

HI @Emily_Roman, I seem to have the same problem as @Chrisa_Uka: The only way to open Asana is in a Google Chrome inkognito window, in all other browsers asana will freeze, as soon as I open a task (same as in the screenshot above). Tried already to clear all browser history and cokies, but the problem still remains. Any last ideas why this keeps happening? Thanks in advance and for already helping with the tip to use the Chrome inkognito window,

Hi @Paul16, sorry for the trouble here! If you followed all the steps above and the issue persists, I recommend you to contact our support team and confirm this information:

  • URL of this thread confirming all the steps you have already tried
  • Screenshot showing the error
  • Screenshot of your connectivity test results

This will helps our support team to investigate this further and speed up the process to solve this issue asap!

I have the same problem. Its driving me insane.

It just freezes and I have to close the browser and try again.

PS - It works in Google incognito mode

I am having the same issue. Chrome keeps freezing but works in Incognito mode. Also works in other browsers. Cleared everything in Chrome. Still freezing. Very frustrating.

Hi @John_Romaine and @Randy_Hujar! Sorry for the trouble here!

Unfortunately I don’t have the tools in the forum to investigate this further but if you contact our support team we can have a closer look at this issue and try to solve it asap.

I recommend you to contact our support team and confirm the information in this post.

I hope the issue is solved soon!