Asana needs to be reloaded??

Help me with this. I have Updated my browser to the latest version and Cleared my browser’s history/cache/cookies but still keep getting this popup.
It give me this phrase 12 hungry fish clap greedily
Thank you!

Hi @Dung_Nguyen and welcome to the Forum! Let’s see if we can work this out together!

Can you confirm what action were you taking when the error message popped up?

Hello Marie,
When the error message popped up, I checked my browser Google Chrome for the latest version and then cleared all in my history/cache/cookies.
But it doesn’t work. Then I uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled it, restarted my laptop. But still, keep getting the popup.
The popup only appears in this workspace. I do not find it in other workspaces.
Thank you for your help!

Thanks for the additional info @Dung_Nguyen!

Could you confirm what you were doing in Asana just before this pop up showed up?

Can you try to log into your account from an incognito window and let me know if you’re running into the same issue?

I turned on my laptop like every day, opened asana, and got this pop-up. I did not do anything strange before the pop up showed up.
But now I can work on asana. No error anymore.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Same for me. Just trying to get logged into asana. Chrome doesn’t work.

Mac OS 10.12.6
Chrome 80.0.3987.132

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