Asana needs to be reloaded?

Hi My Asana just started this. I have rebooted and logged out/in I keep getting this popup. I am using the latest stable Chrome. It gives me this phrase: 29 lean foxes scrub joyously!
thank you


there is no exclamation point on it though. That was a typo.

I actually just checked and I am getting the exact thing in Firefox. I cant access Asana. thank you.

Thanks for reaching out!

While your screenshot did not seem to load properly, the error code you’re receiving does look like a crash that’s due to a bug. Can you confirm that you are unable to access Asana when using an incognito window?

Thanks @David_Cook!

Hi, Thank you Michael. I was able to open this in incognito mode…the odd thing is that I can get in without any issues now. Maybe it was a chache issue or something. thank you again

Hi @David_Cook :wave:
Happy to see this solved things for you!

Based on the crash code you shared with with us, it looks like either something in your browser cache or a third party extension was getting in the way of Asana’s basic functionality; this is what you were experiencing.

You could fine tune your troubleshooting efforts by clearing your cache & then try to log in to Asana to see if this works? If you run into the same trouble, then this issue is rooted in an third party extension and not necessarily your cache.

Happy to see you have some progress with this David; thanks for keeping us updated & in the loop!!

I’m having the exact same issue - can’t log in with my Google account (which I’ve always been using for login) on Chrome, in incognito mode it’s not working either. I tried it on Firefox which I’ve never used for Asana ever before, same thing there. So it really doesn’t seem to be on my end…

Oh I forgot, support phrase is: 6 orange camels punch happily on chrome, 28 puffy beavers itch rudely on Edge, 26 sad falcons sail cruelly on Firefox.
By the way is there any way to try to access my account via username/password somehow, if I’ve only used Google authentication? Maybe that’s where the issues is (although all my other Google services work fine)