Asana/My tasks --> section Do Today, Do Tomorrow, Do this week

I’m a newbie - so - be patient, please :slight_smile:
I have sections: Asana/My tasks → where I have 4 sections:
Recently assigned
Do Today,
Do Tomorrow,
Do this week

Now all tasks are in the section ‘Recently Assigned’. How can I force to auto allocation task to see Today/Tomorrow/Week?

Welcome, @Adrian_Rakoczy,

I wrote an article that I think would be of value to you, both the article content/steps, and there’s a link there to the Asana Guide about My Tasks.

Hope that helps,



thank you for letting me know.
the role has been uploaded - but I can not see the result. See on the attached screenshot

Can you advise, please?

Hi @Adrian_Rakoczy, as Rules run at midnight, the Rules for “Task is due today” will not take affect until midnight if you have just set them up.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

now is clear. Thank you!

Rules are in Free version or Paid only?

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Some My Tasks rules are available in the free version, a few more rules in Premium, full custom rules in Business and Enterprise only.

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