Asana for Trip Itineraries



This is just for fun: try using Asana (personal workspace) to map out your next day-trip somewhere. I did this last summer for a 1-day tour of Washington D.C. that I led, with a group from Brazil. Each activity was a Task for the day, so as we did things I would Complete the task and it would fall off the list.

Some of the PROs of using Asana in this way:

  • It is easy to drag and drop activities. So if we ran late on the Supreme Court stop and had to move the Washington Monument stop to after lunch, I could just drag that step down and still have my itinerary be accurate
  • I was able to attach all sorts of materials leading up to the trip. So in the project I attached PDFs for the bus route map, my digital parking pass, email confirmations, etc. If they had to do with a specific task I would put them there, but some things I just put in the Conversation area of the Project
  • Because you can clone Projects, it makes it easy if you ever take the same trip and want to follow the same general plan

TIP: Put a time in parentheses on the Task line for quick and easy reference to keep you on track.
Example: “Walk to Union Station (12:00pm)” or “Have Lunch at Union Station (12:30pm)”

And of course you could easily modify this for longer trips using Sections as day breakdowns. So many possibilities!


Thanks for sharing with the Forum @Joel_Charles, I’ll definitely give it a go for my next family trip! :slight_smile:


This is a great use case. Thanks for sharing. My wife and I used a shared project to manage our last family holiday, which included a whole section for packing the kids’ clothes, and another for doing all of the last-minute house checks before we left. The only issue was that the project was too detailed, with too many individual little tasks. If we do it again, I think I’ll suggest having more headline tasks - ‘Pack kids’ clothes’, rather than a list of T-shirts, socks, etc.


I thought about such use case a while ago and created an Asana template on Templana:
It makes a lot of sense to use Asana for this!


I hear ya - I created a list for all my packing items for vacation last week. For me it was nice because I looked over it right before leaving. But I agree with you - it did make for a pretty lengthy list.


Great topic, @Joel_Charles! I use Asana for this, and in a number of the ways you listed.

First I have a template task just for packing/leaving that I duplicate a few days before the trip to help with packing and last minute stuff, using subsections and subtasks to help me not forget anything. I mark it complete on departure so it doesn’t clutter up anything.

For most trips I usually create a new task, though have made a new project for complicated/longer trips. I usually have a subheading for each day/date, in chronological order. The activities are in subtasks. I generally include other subheadings of which some are reference-oriented (People/Contacts, etc.). But often I’ll use a subheading for each neighborhood (or small town) I might get to. In that way I can group all the site-seeing, food, drink, etc., recommendations I get from friends or research by proximity. If I find myself in the Upper West Side or the Lower East Side, I can quickly see all the stuff I might want to do while there and not miss anything, even though I might not have an otherwise rigid itinerary. (For a more complex trip, these could be done with custom fields or tags for more flexibility.)

The end result is something that works really well on mobile while on the trip, and easy to assemble in the days leading up using Asana’s web app.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi