Travel Coordinators - tracking travel in Asana

Looking to discuss different ways to track multiple trips with multiple people and confirmation numbers for all of them. Also, deadlines for making hotel reservations, booking air travel, rental cars, etc.

I currently have a “Travel Team” where I make each trip a project. I list out each person in the group and save their confirmations for each part of travel that has to be booked. Then I created a Check-Off section that I assign to myself with a due date for registrations/hotels/airlines/rental cars as tasks.

These deadlines will not be assigned to other people, myself only. Our company is looking to upgrade to the premium version, so custom fields may be utilized in the near future.

Is anyone using Asana for this?

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Hi Amber,

We are not currently using Asana for this, but I manage the travel for my office and am also trying to find the best way to manage travel arrangements. We have the enterprise level, so I was thinking about creating a form to capture all of the info in the “trip planning” section of your template. This could then trigger the creation of a task (from a task template) with a series of subtasks. I haven’t done this before, but if anyone has comments or ideas I would be interested to hear about them.

Hello Scott!

The form sounds like a great idea, it could basically be substituted for a “travel request” form! We are on the premium plan so everyone in our company would not have access to Asana to submit a request. I like that idea though!

Now that we have Premium, I have utilized the custom fields instead of using a subtask for each confirmation number. This provides a better view of the information that may be missing.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think folks need to be using Asana to be able to fill out a form.

You are correct! It creates a link for you to share with anyone :blush: