Asana for IOU tracking

Here’s a fun Friday use case that I’ve found really helpful, so I thought I’d share.

Create a Project in your Personal Workspace for IOUs. If you’re like me then there’s constantly lunches or happy hours where people are picking up other tabs. Some personalities just roll with that no problem, but I tend to be a bit detailed and want to know that I’m doing the treating as often as I’m being treated.

Anytime someone offers to buy (lunch, dinner, a beer, etc), I say “oh thanks, I’ll get you next time.” But rather than forget all about it, I go into my IOUs Project and add it. Then I can check it periodically and see who I owe. When I make good, I complete that item.


I’m sure it seems silly and unnecessary to some - but I’ve found it to be extremely useful.


Did not know IOU, for others: IOU — Wikipédia
(I Owe You)

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