Use Case - Lunch Orders

We just started using Asana for collecting our lunch orders for when order out for all. We have 10 employees and we order out lunch weekly.

In our “ALL OFFICE” team we have a project called “Lunch Orders”. Inside there we create a new task for each order “MM/DD/YYYY Johnies Takeout”. The description of the task has the link to the menu and everyone adds their order to the task. Works well.

One thing we are working on is the most efficient way (yeah we overthink things!).

We have tested out each employee adding their order as a subtask. And we have tried adding the order as a comment to the main task. Subtask works well because the person placing the order just needs to check it off as they order. Conversely if we use the comments instead, the person placing the order can “like” the comment as they place it.

Anyway, not really a huge accomplishment but it helps keep people in Asana and out of email!


This just became my favourite use case. :+1:


Fun use case!


I use Asana for a lot of personal organization so the free version works great. Thought it might be worth mention to look at the premium version to take advantage of Dependencies.

Make the Company order (parent) dependant on the users individual orders (sub). Assign the parent task to the lunch “gopher” who would get notifications when all the worker bees have completed their orders. This would also force each order to come in before the team can eat!

Then, each week, copy the previous task along with its subtasks (maybe take out or add some worker bees depending on the crowd).

…In any event, awesome use case!!


Thanks for sharing @Geoff_Manning!