Asana for Gmail/Gsuite not available for Admins


The instal button is not active when I try to integrate Asana with my Gmail account. Also, I see a number of negative comments about the integration. Thoughts/ideas would be most appreciated.

Gmail Integration
Asana for Gmail appears to not be working
I need to connect Asana to my G Suite account

Most likely you are the Admin of your G-mail/Gsuite and as posted their is a current bug that does not allow installation to Admin accounts

I need to connect Asana to my G Suite account

Thank you @james_Carl for the response. Quite annoying because my employees can install and since I’m the ‘admin’ I can’t – the irony


This error to install if you are the administrator can be solved in some way?


My understanding is there is no user fix. I believe Asana is working with Google on this


Hey @Rod_Berger! I love Asana and GSuite! I really hope this integration is fixed soon, so we can all get our productivity back up with these awesome apps.

I’m guessing your use case here is to be able to convert emails to Asana. Dossier has a really useful integration with Asana that, in addition to converting your emails to Asana, also allows you to reply back to emails right from Asana. I think you’ll enjoy this.


Am I right in saying that it doesn’t allow you to choose a specific due date? I see there is an option for choose date manually but nothing happens when I select that.


Hey @Todd_Cavanaugh! Marie here from Asana. I have noticed the same issue, and this is definitely something we need to look into. In the meantime, here is a workaround that might help: Select “Today” as your due date and it will automatically populate the today’s date in this format YYYY-MM-DD, from there, you should be able to edit it to any other day you’d like. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Most desirable would be a complete integration of Gmail with Asana in the way that PipeDrive does it i.e. PipeDrive shows me my Gmail inbox from within the app with all my emails linked to the appropriate deal records. Most powerfully, you can send emails to clients direct from any area of PipeDrive allowing the app to track email openings, record responses etc. This has revolutionised my use of PipeDrive and I now manage all my client opp comms from within the app. How amazing would it be if Asana did the same thing i.e. all project related emails can be sent and managed from within the relevant project/task in Asana without having to switch back to Gmail. On the cards? Note: you don’t just want a Gmail to become a task, you want your email to become an ongoing comms/record within Asana. I know we have Comments in Asana, but honestly, that doesn’t really accomplish the same thing.


Do someone know if there is any update about the ‘bug’ of asana gmail integration with admins?



It is supposely fixed but some people are still having some issues showing up. Works OK on my computer.


Ok, I have to say that after waiting some hours after its installation, finally the extensions shows up in my gmail. It looks like for the admins it’s not an automatic process, you have to wait some hours.

Anyway, thanks Google for fixing it, and thanks Asana for this extension.


I have to say this extension is really good. Thank you Asana for this.


@Oriol, yes several users have recently reported that it takes a few hours after the installation for the add-on to show up in their Gmail. We are aware of this issue and our Team is liaising with Google to fix it. Apologies for all the trouble here!

Gmail Integration

Hi @Marie :). I haven’t managed to get the add-on to work yet. Are there any other known issues and/or resolutions for the case where it doesn’t show up even after some time has passed? Thank you!!


Hi @Amy_Mitchell! Sorry to hear you’re running into trouble! Let’s see if we can fix this together :slight_smile: Can you verify if the add-on is showing as installed when you click on this link?


Hi @Marie, yes - it’s installed. :slight_smile:


Hi @Amy_Mitchell! Before I escalate this further, can you confirm that you’re having the same issue on multiple browsers?


Thank you so much for looking into this @Marie! I have a client with the same issue so looking forward to seeing what’s up! I confirmed that it’s not working on Safari and Chrome. Do you want me to test on another browser? Amy :slight_smile:


Just dropped you a private message @Amy_Mitchell. Looking forward to your reply! :slight_smile: