Asana for Gmail/Gsuite not available for Admins

It finally downloaded but doesn’t appear anywhere. I am using Chrome.

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Hi @Rod_Berger! We’ve had a few people reporting that it took them a few hours for the add-on to show in their Gmail. If you’re still not seeing it, please let us know and we will look into this further for you!

I still don’t see it in my Gmail and have rebooted computer a number of times this week. Hopefully I can use it now that Asana has raised capital :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. I installed Asana foe gmail and its not showing up anywhere. Please advise

Please HELP same issue. I installed Asana foe gmail and its not showing up anywhere. Please advise

I installed this integration from the gmail account that is tied to the admin account for my org. It pushed the install to my users within a few minutes, bu the admin account needed about half an hour to get the update for some reason. But it did show up eventually.


Hi @Rod_Berger, @Jeremy_Dickson . Can you please report this issue to Asana Support - Help Center • Asana ? Our support team is currently gathering bug reports regarding this issue!

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Great news @James_Salerno, thanks for sharing your experience!

I have installed the ASANA APP from G Marketplace. But When I click the ASANA App in GMAIL, it is opening ASANA in a new tab. Bit I don’t see ASANA ICON in right hand side of GMAIL

Hi @RAMA_MURTHY_P ! Have a look at this post Asana for Gmail/Gsuite not available for Admins - #14 by Marie and let me know if the issue persists!

Even after 12 Hrs, ASANA button/icon not showing up on the RIGHT SIDE of email, after respective email is clicked. We need better, smooth, clean interface for GMAIL. Very Important.

HI, I can see this has been an ongoing issue… I have downloaded the app in chrome and cant see it either.

I also am having problems syncing my emails. Asana says Im up to date on both my email accounts and I know Im not. None of the emails are downloading. When I set it up yesterday they were there, I log in this morning and nothing ??

Any suggestions ?

Hi there,
I have recently installed Asana for Gmail on my Gsuite domain.
I am an admin user and installation completed without any errors.
When I go into admin console and apps is see that app is ‘On for Everyone’
When I go into the inbox and open message I don’t see any tools on RHS like in product videos.
Any assistance would be muchly appreciated.

Hi @Simon_Rice! May I ask when you enable the Asana add-on for Gmail? The reason why I’m asking is that it might take a few hours for the add-on to show-up in your Gmail!

Ps: moving your post to Asana for Gmail/Gsuite not available for Admins - #31 by RAMA_MURTHY_P to avoid having to many duplicates!

Keep me posted! :wink:

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Hi Marie,
I checked again this morning.
All good now.

Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:

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Great news @Simon_Rice! Thanks for keeping me posted! :wink:

Hi, I’m the Admin of my G-Suite domain, and am having the same issue.

  • Staff can use Asana for Gmail, but I can’t access it.

I’ve checked their emails, and then checked mine, they’re all working. Mine is not. Any help would be great please.

Is there ay solution yet? My Asana Gmail add-on isn’t showing as well…

Hi there,

I recently downloaded the Asana <> Gmail add-on and cannot see it on my the right side. Please help!

Hi @Dave_Levett &@Jacob_George and apologies for the late reply! When you access the following link does the Asana add-on shows up as “Installed”?