Asana doesn't aggregate custom fields values when the project is sorted by "None" and a task contains over 30 subtasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

“Approval” task breaks “Column Function” in a section when the tasks are sorted by “None”.

Steps to reproduce:

In a section try to have “Approval” tasks mixed with normal tasks, sort by “None”.

Browser version:

Chrome and App. Not browser-related.

Upload screenshots below:

It works if not sorted by “None”

It breaks when sorting by “None”

When sorting by “None”, move the approval task in a section that has no approvals and observe the column with function breaking


That does look like an issue. Have you contacted support @Rosario_Messina

Thanks for the report @Rosario_Messina,

I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug. I’ll be in touch here as soon as I have an update!

@Rosario_Messina could you confirm how many subtasks your approvals have by any chance?

@Marie I think Product might be on the right track :slight_smile:

These Approval tasks are part of a very unusual but effective workflow; in fact, they contain 31 Subtasks. When the task gets approved, it triggers a rule that creates a project out of it (just to explain at a high level why there are so many Subtasks).


Thanks @Rosario_Messina! Our team just confirmed this is product limitation.

With “None” sort applied, Asana aggregate the custom field value from the subtasks, but it limit that aggregation to 30 subtasks and won’t display a value if any task has more than 30 subtasks.

We’re always working toward pushing these limits, but until we can do something for this specific limitation I hope you can trim down this set of subtasks to 30.

I’m moving this thread to the #forum-en:product-feedback for now and will edit the title accordingly :slight_smile:

Thank you @Marie for clarifying; it’s good to know about the limitation, this is a pretty rare use case too :slight_smile:

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