Sum/Average no longer works for tasks with 30+ subtasks?

The sum/average feature used to work fine until a recent update. Now I can’t see the sums unless ALL tasks have less than 30 subtasks. Wondering why this is an improvement?

They save money on CPU I guess :slight_smile: The less tasks is select at once the cheaper is processing is for them

I agree. I commented on the related issue which is that many people don’t want their custom fields copied down to all the sub-tasks.

If it’s a CPU issue, at least disabling the custom field on the sub-tasks will mean that there is no deprecation in functionality for how people were using the SUM feature previously.

Same problem here, when I select multiple tasks i cannot see the sum of a numeric custom field called Story Points :frowning:

This morning I’am pretty sure that i’ve seen this new panel with the sum but I cannot see it anymore


Reached out to Asana support and they told me that:

a) this is the expected behavior for the software (read: we did this on purpose and are not going to change it any time soon)


b) the “work-around” solution is to create multiple copies of the same task and split the subtasks (e.g. TASK X - Continued)

This is absurd. The entire point of Asana’s organizational system is to keep things within project/tasks/sub-tasks, so you can see at a glance what needs to be done and when. The sum/average feature is essential in that regard–it can tell you how many hours are left on a project, how much money has been spent, or any other quantifiable data point.

I don’t see the point in removing this feature and the work-around doesn’t seem to align with Asana good practices.

Most important, they didn’t provide a reason for the change.

So infuriating!