Asana-Desktop spell check multiple languages.

It’s been 2 years now @Rebecca_McGrath… common devs… give us the toggle!


+1 on spell check

It’s hard to believe this is still an unresolved issue. The appeal of the deskstop app for user with multiple languages is cero, none, nada. Not only is a very old issue, but says a lot about how the company respond to consumer feedback. It seems multilanguage users are not a priority for Asana. I am no programmer, but my guess is that this shouldn’t be that hard to fix. We are talking about turning off a simple but very annoying setting. Common Asana, get it together already.

just ran into this problem and see there is a lot of support for such a simple issue… it’s the app I guess not the browser version.

This is such an annoying issue. Come on Asana, please fix this for all the non-English and multilingual users! Just let us switch off spell check at least.

Yes please, I would like to turn off spell check!!