Feature Request: Spell Check

Please add spell check in the Project & Team titles and descriptions


I can’t believe this is the only post / feature request regarding spell check on the forums…

I could have sworn that the browser (Chrome) would display spelling errors like it does here in thte forum…

But that does not appear to be the case. Am I missing something?

Just a quick little update after some more Google searching… apparently this was previously addressed way back in 2017 around the time the first post above was created, at least according to this Twitter exchange:


Maybe an issue with my browser or something else. Going to clear cache and restart…

Update: All good now, must have been something with cache or who knows…

@Ben_Brenner funny that I’m now stumbling across the same thing. Are you saying that in your native asana, spell check seems to work?

I’ve never found my spell check to work within asana and thought they didn’t have it. I then installed Grammarly which works on the web browser and even that doesn’t seem to work on asana for me (although it works everywhere else).

I purposely misspelled “through” and as you can see nothing appears. I’m using Chrome. Any idea’s? What did you do to make this work? Thanks!

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Here’s a snippit from asana where the spell check isn’t being triggered.


My spell check works in Chrome now.

What I’d really love now is for support for Grammarly.

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Grammarly does not work in Asana task comments section at this moment. Some compatibility issue?