Asana-Desktop spell check multiple languages.


We have been using Asana since 2012, it is great to have a Desktop app also!

We are a multilanguage company so we usually write insitinclty in English and Spanish.

We usually have a few spell check dictionaries for different languages enabled in our browsers and those work fine on the browser based Asana app.

In the desktop app we see only one spell check dictionary for one language being used and can not find a way of enabling other dictionaries.

THis in turn makes it very bothersome to write in another language since most of the words get highlighted as typos…


Hi @Miguel_Gimenez, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for providing this feedback! Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the near future :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know here if I have any updates!

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We are entirely foreign company to the English language. The desktop app is nice, but we do not make tasks in English and the constant spell check is VERY annoying. Is there a way to turn it off at least? As I understand that different languages are not available.


Is there a way to turn of the spell check?


Is this discussion about the app for Mac or Windows? I wrote in today requesting support for built-in Spelling and Grammar in the Mac app. This should be really easy for your developers to add since the framework is provided by Apple.

I will probably return to the app I created using Fluid, because it’s really inconvenient that the native app doesn’t correct spelling automatically.

Would love to know that too.

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Hi people, did any of you find a solution to this?

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At least, would it be possible tu just turn it off?

I would gladly appreciate it.

Yes, just give the option to turn the “highlight incorrect words” off. It is so annoying and distracting. Considering my system settings have that option off, the app should adopt the system settings at least. It seems like a big miss assuming ppl want to have the red squiggly lines all over the app. Also, bilinguals do write in a mix of languages often, and that’s why I have turned off that feature in all my devices. I will be uninstalling the app until this is fixed. I just can’t stand it.

Any updates on this? Very annoying for non English users or multilanguage users. Thank you kindly

+1 Adding a “spellcheck language” in the display section under Language would be super welcome.

Please implement this and allow for multiple languages at the same time. My tasks are in Dutch and English due to the multilingual nature of my work and company. Thanks.

Still no update on this? not even the ability to disable spell-check?



This is the reason we don’t use the desktop app. Automatic spellcheck must get a “turn-off” option!

Still no news for the spell-check?
IT is annoying

Would love to have the possibility to turn spell check off

+1 on spell check toggle.