Asana Customizations with TamperMonkey

TamperMonkey ( is a chrome extension that allows you to customize websites using post-load Javascript/CSS. I use it for hundreds of websites, including Asana.

If you install TamperMonkey, you can then create your own scripts, or install scripts from other users. I have created a script for Asana that allows you to:

  • Hide the Harvest Icon
  • Hide that pesky notification in the bottom-left of the window (or move them to the bottom-right)
  • Hide portfolios/goals if you do not use them
  • Customize your background image
  • Expand the sidebar and make it wider (great for reading long project titles!)
  • Auto-show the “Show more projects” area in the sidebar

And I’m always adding to it as I see fit for myself (open to suggestions!).

You can install it by first installing TamperMonkey, then going to the following URL to install the Asana script:

Even better, you can customize which modifications you DO or DO NOT want by editing the top section of easy-to-read code (changing true/false values).

It’s been really useful for me and, hopefully, it can be useful to you all as well.



Thanks for sharing @WesFoster! :slight_smile:

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Nicely done!

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