Asana crashes every time I try to drag and drop a question into a branch on my form template

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Asana crashes every time I try to drag and drop a question into a branch on my form template

Steps to reproduce:
Edit Template > Customize > Forms > select form template > Drag and drop a question into a new branch > CRASH

Browser version:
Incognito Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Asana Desktop App

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Jeannie_Biles , this is indeed unusual behaviour.

Just a thought: are you able to Duplicate the form? If so, does the problem persist in the new duplicate?

Btw, how many questions to do you have? Perhaps a lot of branches?

I retroactively created two encompassing parent fields that I was then pulling the previously created questions into so there aren’t a ton of branches per se. It sometimes saved the move that I was attempting to make so I was in fact able to get all the questions into their corresponding parent question and have been able to edit since then. However, it did also happen when I was dragging and dropping to reorder questions within one of the parent branches.

I don’t have the option to duplicate like your screenshot:

Ah, that’s because you are within the template editor, I just realised! :sweat_smile:

Have you tried to use the project template to create a project, then edit the form within the project, as opposed to editing the form within the template editor?

In case that works, you can always convert your project back to a template, for use.

Certainly a workaround I’m happy to explore while the root cause is addressed. Thank you for your input @Richard_Sather

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Happy to help!
Btw, it’s good that you posted in this bugs section so that the Asana team can look further into it :wink:

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I have this same issue and it happens frequently, if not every time I have to make edits or additions to forms. We utilize forms a lot and you can’t drag questions around without the form crashing and having to re-load (it happens mostly when you have branches in the question). It’s something I have to accept working with Asana’s built in forms function. The same thing happens across our team so I have concluded you can’t do many complex things in the form or it will crash.

In cases like this, you need to contact and send the error phrase displayed on the error screen. They’ll be able to debug, the app should never crash like this.


Hi @Jeannie_Biles, sorry for the trouble! As Bastien mentioned, our Support team will have the tools to further investigate this for you. I’m moving the topic to the Closed section, but let us know if you need anything else!

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