Can the FORM in Asana become template or Save as a template?

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I am using Asana Premium to manage my projects. I am come up with one query regarding FORMS in projects which can be accessible only in Business category users. My query is If i go for Business category, Is it possible for us to save the forms as template ?

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Hi @Pranjul_Sharma,

Right now is not possible to save Forms as templates, although this would be pretty handy.

You can suggest this feature in #productfeedback :slight_smile:


Great request @Pranjul_Sharma, I actually went ahead and moved this request to the #productfeedback category so others can vote for this feature.

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It would be fantastic if you could templatize forms in Asana. For creative requests, we have a lot of details requested and repeating the form for creative intake is cumbersome. Unless there is another way to conduct work orders in Asana that I am not aware of yet?


Ability to Save Forms as Templates
The lack of this feature is what ultimately killed Forms for us. We spent a great deal of time customizing a form that we figured could be used for half a dozen different things as a workaround until a project could have multiple forms. It wasn’t perfect but it would get us by and increase our productivity, efficiency, consistency. Then we went to add that form to all our 30+ projects and…nope - absolutely no way to copy forms across projects.

We thought we’d be clever by making a form on a new project, make that project a template, and then rebuilt all our projects from the template but the form doesn’t clone when you build a project from a template. As far as we have found there is no way to duplicate a form across projects, meaning each time we onboard a new project we would have to spend a bunch of time rebuilding that form. We need to create efficiencies, not add steps, so at this time this isn’t an option for us.


So true @Tommy_Casual It really doesn’t make any sense, If you cannot save your template.


We need the ability to save forms for other projects. Making users rebuild forms is a huge time waster.


@Tommy_Casual 100% agree. My team is looking to use forms and without the option to save forms for use across projects, the upgrade for us is pointless.


This feature would help a lot in my team! Hope we can do this soon.


+1 here!

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I have over 20 different projects that will need similar but modified forms and it’s a time suck to recreate the forms 20 times+.

When will Asana have this option available?


Welcome to the Forum @Jeany_Yoon :wave:and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

Other users have requested the same feature so if you don’t mind, I’ve gone ahead and merge your post with this main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. Please, feel free to add your vote!

And while I don’t have any timeline to share at the moment, I’ll make sure to keep you posted in this thread as soon as I have an update on my end!

Have a great Friday! :smiley:


bump! :slight_smile: Still reallllly hoping to see this.

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100% agree that this needs to be implemented, Crazy to think that this wasn’t part of the original release. Who uses Asana for just one project? Pretty sure Asana is for teams and multiple projects/tasks, often similar types of projects/tasks.

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+1 - if I can’t share forms across multiple projects it is rendered mostly useless. I don’t want to have to recreate the same form additional times. :unamused:

+20 here, can we PLEASE get it so we can copy forms across or at the very least allow them to be copied with the project template! It seems crazy to me that this isn’t obvious! Sort it out Aana!

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+1 here. This would be really helpful!

We need to place the Form in Template to creat Projects with the same Form.

i cant belive thats not possible at this time. Please make it possible ASAP

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+1 Was just looking for this thinking i was doing something wrong. I have Templates that i could have a standard set of questions in a form. I would want the form to be created along with the template for new projects. Or have the ability to copy an existing form and paste it into any project i want.