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I just signed up for the premium features of asana,
I have two questions.

  1. Can I share a project with people but the people should only see the tasks that are assigned to them?

  2. Can I make a project to be recurring like a task?

Assignees will automatically be able to see the task they are assigned to so that’s all you need to do. Do not share the project with anyone unless you want to give them access to all tasks in the project.

No, there’s no feature like that in Asana. You could make a recurring task to remind you to duplicate the project at the intervals you want. There are also templates. Or perhaps @Phil_Seeman’s Flowsana could help.


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Hi @Abraham_Gluck,

Flowsana does have the capability to automatically create new projects. It can do that based on a variety of trigger conditions. There’s currently no available condition that’s strictly time-based. However, you could combine Flowsana with Zapier (which does have pure time-based triggers) to accomplish that you want; see this forum post for an explanation of how you could do something like that.


Thanks for your advice! I will look into that.
About assigning tasks without sharing the project, I hear what you say I never think of using it that way, because I want the employee to have a full view (of the section and layout) of the tasks (assigned to him/her) in the project they will work on.
For some reason I thought that private versus public projects can provide some other kind of solution. (this was the reason why I signed up for the paid version of Asana)

@Abraham_Gluck, An alternative could make use of an added private project. You could make a private project with the assignee as a member (and you) and multi-home the task(s) there, in whatever section structure you want. The “main” project could either be public to the team or private to members; just make sure the one person is neither a member of the team or the public project.