Sharing Tasks Between Projects



Hi There! I’m brand new to Asana and figuring it all out.

Is there a way to share a section of tasks between two projects?

So, for example “Special Event One” is a project set up for a special event that is happening. It has as a number of task sections to make the event happen. (Set-up, Vendor contacts, etc.) One of the sections is called “Social Media” and that is a list of tasks to do after the special event happens to promote the event. (Post on Facebook, Instagram, etc.) The project “Special Event One” is set up under the team “Special Events.”

Is there a way to share this “Social Media” section of tasks with a different project such as “Social Media Calendar” under the “Marketing” team? I want the tasks to exist in both projects and when it’s completed in one project, I want it to show as complete in the other project as well… so I don’t want duplicates.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and help.


Great question, @Leah_Fasten and welcome to Asana :blush:

This can be done easily by adding tasks to multiple projects, and you can see how to do this here. You can do this for multiple tasks at once by multi-selecting (click one task, hold Cmd and select additional tasks), and can then adding them all to a second project using the keyboard shortcut “Tap+P” or the instructions in the article linked above.

Hope this helps, but let me know if you need additional guidance.